Camino day 20

After a night in Ribadiso we set off this morning on the 24km to Pedrouozo. Mostly flattish through countryside on woodland tracks it was relatively easy. We didn’t let the constant drizzle dampen our spirits. The poor weather did seem to keep the tour groups on their buses or in their hotels so the way wasn’t as crowded as it could have been. Now as we get closer to Santiago (only 20km to walk tomorrow ) the destination becomes everything and the purpose of the walk is simply to get there. Further back along the camino the walk itself was the dominant thing but now walking is a means to an end and just has to be done. This helps one ignore the sore feet and weariness with the routine of hostels and living out of a bag. One can also use the focus on the destination to block out the pilgrims who have joined the camino in the past few days so are fresh, clean and don’t do anything taxing like carry a bag! Our thoughts turn to the day in Santiago tomorrow then another journey…….home and the challenge of reintegration into a world we left behind 3 weeks ago.


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