Day 10. Leon to Villadangos del Paramo.

If anyone suggests staying in Villadangos del Paramo, don’t. Keep walking. A one road village with trucks thundering through. It has an municipal albergue complete with an army of resident flies, a tiny shop, even smaller bar and nothing else. However, after 21km of heat alongside the aforementioned road and trucks, it is a welcome stop for the night. We are now 312km from Santiago which equates to 12 days of walking. Feet sit rep. … OK with careful management of blisters etc. A wonderful retired nurse we met put us onto toe sleeves……when I next see her in will kiss her and buy her a drink. They are wonderful and made walking today much easier. Ready for a nap and then I am cooking tonight as there is nowhere to eat. On hard and boring days like this it becomes simply about the rhythm of walking and getting closer to the destination. Pilgrimage is not glamorous or even interesting. It is just the way and the destination.


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