Day 12. Astorga to Rabanal de Camino.

11th day of walking. Astorga is stunningly beautiful and is worth a visit. Rumour has it that st Francis of assisi stayed there when he did the camino. It was a long walk to it that ended with a hideous climb into the old town where our alberque was. Today was only 21km to Rabanal de Camino. The walk just had to be done in the heat and we made it. Hostel is run by the English Confraternity of st James, which is who we got our credencial from. They welcome u with iced water and served afternoon tea at 4. It is really lovely. The church in the village is run by a community of benedictine monks from Germany and pilgrims are welcome to evening prayer….which we have just been to. ..and niget prayer with pilgrim blessing. …which we will attend. Time in between for a pilgrim menu meal and a couple of glasses of vino tinto. Big crowd of pilgrims at evening prayer. Really good service that included different language groups and reminded us about the way being led by and leading to jesus and faith being an expression of love of god and neighbour. This spirit is expressed in the often spoken of ‘spirit of the camino’ which today saw 20 of us talking over afternoon tea, me giving a guitar lesson to an Italian pilgrim i met called Luca, and 50 of us at prayer.

The monastic church in Rabanal de Camino.
Gaudi building in Astorga
Off the grid encampment on the way.

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