The last three days have been Rabanal de Camino to molinaseca, then to Villafranca and today onto Herrerias. Each has been tough because of distance ( 31km) or terrain (rocky and very steep downhill ). Feet and legs are taking some punishment so tomorrow we are just doing 8km….but it is a climb of 700m on bad paths. It will take us into Galicia. …. which is beautiful with steep wooded valleys and mountain streams. Tomorrow’s destination is O’ Cebrerio. …the priest there until 1989 was don Elias Sampadero and he is largely responsible for the restoration of the camino as the pilgrimage route we now walk. 8 more days of walking to Santiago and tomorrow the distance drops below 100 miles. The end is in sight.

Knights templar castle in Ponferrada
Cruz de ferro. One of the highest points of the camino
Galicua… stunning countryside cross crossed by very high motorways

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