Day 3. Hornillos to Castrojeriz.

Early start in the dark and cool. 21km across the meseta … farmland with tracks alongside the fields. Rest stop at Arco San Anton…..ruins of a 14th century monastery and refuge for pilgrims. The Antonine order’s symbol was the Tau cross symbolising divine protection against evil and sickness. Hopefully against blisters and sore feet in particular. Castrojeriz is a sleepy pilgrim village with a few hostels. Bed is in a 18 bed dorm in the roof of a townhouse. Plan is shower, nap, food then bed. Worthy of mention is the service in the church in Hornillos last night. A funny mix of Scripture, holy communion then benediction. Followed by a pilgrim blessing in various languages and communal singing. The priest asked us to sing a song in our own language. The Americans present went for the star spangled banner but us brits followed them with swing low sweet chariot which brought the house down. After a lovely communal meal back at the hostel, several of us went to the village Irish bar before bed. All a bit bizarre but good fun.

Sunrise over the meseta

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