Got slightly confused with my days so this is day 9 , 8 of which have been spent walking. Today ( Monday ) is a rest day in Leon to allow feet to recover. After spending Last night in the luxury of a backpackers hostel we have checked into an albergue run by benedictine nuns. Chain smoking volunteer ladies did all the checking in and made the simple process incredibly complicated. Today will just involve washing clothes, slowly exploring Leon, mass in the cathedral this evening and rest. The next 6 days of walking are long and hilly. They will culminate in a 30km day with a huge hill at the end up to O’Cebrerio. When we have done that we will have another rest day. Time now to repair feet ready to go again tomorrow.

A lovely meal out in Leon with fellow pilgrims from France and Australia. Walking with Fanny, Louis, Taylor and Brett has been great.
Slice of home in Leon!

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