It’s started!

On Tuesday 7th May, Sacred Heart closed its doors (just during the week) for the interior restoration of the church. This has been made possible by a legacy from Keith Pratt, a long-time member of the parish who died last year. The church was last decorated nearly 15 years ago and was looking very tired and grubby. A local conservation expert was drafted in – Nigel Leaney – and he did some research and uncovering of the lilac paint and came up with a scheme to strip and restore the green marble columns and take the rest of the interior back to a scheme that reflects the age and design of the building. Each weekend in the two month restoration period, we are able to see progress as the church is ‘handed back’ to us for our usual weekend services. You can also see progress here as we try and document the changes.

from this ……
building the scaffolding tower
stripping the columns
protecting Padre Pio!
Getting on with it – but also enjoying a well-earned break
a glimpse of what it will look like

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