Praying with your children at home / Creating a sacred space.

At this present time we find ourselves faced with challenges unlike any we have faced in a very long time.But already there are signs all around us of people coming together and working creatively to support each other both physically and spiritually.

Our church buildings may be closing their doors but the Church as we know it is still very much open and active.

Our children are home for an indefinite period of time so it is important that we develop  a good routine with them much like they experience at school, one which includes time to reflect and pray.Catholic schools put coming together for worship at the center of their day, so we can bring some of what the children are used to enjoying into our own homes .

You could start by creating  a small space where we can set up a focus for daily use. Younger children may have a play tent or house that could be turned into a sacred space in the corner of their bedroom. Some cushions in the corner of your living space could provide a comfy space to cuddle up in with a bible story and some simple prayer books.

All you need are the basics to begin with; a cross, a candle (battery ones are safest for little ones)and a bible or prayer book. You can add to these over time. Photos of family and friends,rosary beads,small statues (if you have any,)holy water stoop, any holy artifact. Search out your baptism candles,and any other memorabilia from first communion day or their conformation.If you are creative get out the paints and crayons bits of wool and string and together you can make prayer cards or chains .Pinterest have some amazing ideas! Listening to music or just sharing some quiet time together, this can be a helpful break from all the school work!

Ask the children for their thoughts and ideas. Just 20 mins a day is all you need, choose a regular time, get together, start with an Our Father and see where it goes. It’s good to have time to positively focus on all the good things we have but to also pray for those who need it! 

tom baptist

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