Church student on his way!

From September 2016 – July 2017, we will have a seminarian living and working in the Parish. Bishop Patrick has asked Fr Joe to have Joe McCay on placement for the year. Here is a little bit about him.

Hello all at Sacred Heart,

My name is Joe McCay, I am 21 years old and I am currently a second year church Joe (1)student at Allen Hall Seminary for the Diocese of Nottingham. I am afraid that you people will be putting up with me in September for a year, when I will then be a third year church student.

I was born and brought up in Doncaster by my parents, along with my older sister; and was schooled throughout my entire life in Doncaster. My hobbies throughout my childhood were playing lots of football and going to watch a lot of football. The team I support, to Father Joe’s dismay, is Leeds United and I have had a season ticket there since I was eight years old. Football, spending time with friends and eating biscuits was all I was really bothered about when I was younger.

The thought of priesthood never crossed my mind until a tragedy occurred, resulting in my best friend dying when I was 16. At this moment, nothing helped me through this difficult time; except when I entered my parish church in Gainsborough. My uncle’s aid at this time was also an immense help to me. Now, many of you may know my uncle as he is only down the road, Father John McCay, and when the thoughts of priesthood began to grow, I had an ideal man to go and speak to.

Since applying for the diocese I have completed a Propaedeutic Year in the Scunthorpe Deanery, before being whisked off to London to start my studies at seminary in September 2014. Seminary is a tough and challenging environment, but so far I am learning a lot about myself and acquiring the needed skills in order to do God’s work in the world; whatever that may be. The next step however, is Carlton.

I look forward to meeting each and every one of you in September and it will be great to spend some time back in the North.

With prayers,

Joe McCay


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