Children’s Liturgy

Children’s liturgy runs at the 10.30 Sunday mass at Sacred Heart church every Sunday during school term time. During Children’s Liturgy, the children process from the church to the parish centre, accompanied by at least two adults (who have passed a current DBS check) The children take part in a simple penitential rite and then listen to a child friendly version of the day’s Gospel. After some discussion, the children start an activity which helps them to understand and remember what they have been listening to. The children then process back to church and re-join the congregation at the offertory. The activities are aimed at children between 4 – 9 years of age, though any child of primary school age is welcome to attend. Parents are welcome, particularly if their child is new to Children’s Liturgy. Three year olds are also welcome, as long as they are accompanied by a responsible adult, not just an older sibling please. For children younger than three, there are ‘Mass Survival Bags’ available for you to borrow at the back of church. (Please return the bags at the end of mass.)
Anyone who would like to become a liturgy leader, please leave your contact details with Fr Joe at church.
We look forward to seeing you!